About Us

Building a web site these days is very easy with the free software you can download from the internet. Using software to create your own web site for personal or private use is something, and for business is completely something else.

The success of your web site is highly dependent on regular maintenance, interactivity, always up-to-date, and optimized for search engines.

For that you need a professional help to build your web site like Pal ICT. The appearance of your web site determines to a large scale the image that visitors get when they visit your web site.

Besides the structure and operation of your web site it is very important that your web site fits your vision and business, also it is important that the character and appearance match how you feel as your company presents. Pal ICT is a young company that specializes in building, developing, maintaining and optimizing websites and related web design.

We build websites from the user´s experience; well it does not stop after building the site at Pal ICT. We could remain checking what visitors do on your website. Which pages are most visits? Where do visitors come from? Where the visitors click on?

For your site is to implement a CMS system is important, this is the heart of your website. With our own developed CMS system you can anywhere in the world all your customer information, leads and content of your website very easy to manage. After all it is very important that your website must continually improve in order to get more visitors to your website. More visitors mean off course higher sales of services and/or products for your business.

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